Questions and answers of our service

Questions and answers for our tours

Are your tours private or shared?

All our tours are private. Only your group will participate. For example, if on a given date you can book a tour for up to 8 people but you make the booking for 3 people, no one else will be able to make the booking. In that case, the tour will only take place with 3 persons.

Is a tour guide provided on your tours?

A tour guide is also provided on some tours. When the tour guide is provided, it is indicated in the advertisement.

Do your tours have various levels of difficulty?

The level of difficulty is indicated in the tours, but consider that we run tours to spend a relaxing day. So the maximum difficulty you will face is a long walk with a guide or on your own.

Are tours accessible to all?

Our tours are usually accessible to everyone. In any case, it is expressly stated in the advertisement when there is a difficulty for disabled people to access certain facilities or places.

Is NCC service provided for all tours?

Yes, NCC service in an elegant car with driver is provided for all tours.

How can I book a tour and how do I make payment?

It is possible to book one of our tours directly from our website or by contacting us from the contacts indicated on the website.
Payment can be made online by credit card or PayPal. If you book by phone, we will send you a special link by email or via SMS or WhatsApp to make the payment.

Is it possible to cancel a booking reservation?

Of course! You can cancel a booking without giving any reason up to 24 hours before the tour. In this case you will receive a 100% refund on the payment method you used when booking. From 24 hours before the tour it is no longer possible to request a cancellation.

In which languages does the tour take place?

Depending on the customer’s request, the tour can be conducted in either Italian or English.

Where does the driver pick us up?

When booking, you will have to choose the country or city of pick-up and you will have to indicate the exact location (e.g. name of the hotel and its street). The NCC service will then pick you up where indicated.

Will the driver drop us off at the pick-up point?

Yes, the driver will drop you off at the pick-up point.

Can I receive an invoice for the booked tour?

Of course, it is sufficient to indicate the billing data during the purchase phase.

Is it possible to customise the tour?

It is only possible to customise the tour if indicated in the advertisement.

Questions and answers for the NCC service

What is an NCC service?

NCC stands for ‘Noleggio con Conducente’ (chauffeur-driven car). The service is related to non-scheduled public transport such as taxis. This service is regulated by Article 85 of the Highway Code.

What kind of cars do you use to provide the service?

We only use luxurious and comfortable cars to provide the service. Our car fleet consists of Mercedes E Class, Mercedes S Class, BMW 5 series, BMW 7 series, Mercedes GLE and Mercedes Van.
As the car fleet is always being updated, we can also use similar cars of the same class.

Can I choose the car model?

Of course! When booking you can choose the car model. The booking is indicated with the model name or similar. This means that the car could be the same as the one you selected or one in the same class. This is because our car fleet is always being updated.

How can I book your NCC transfer service?

You can book our service by telephone using the contact details on the website or through the online tool at nccbooking.limoexperienceitaly.com

How can I pay for your NCC service?

Payment can be made in various ways::

  • Online if you book through the tool at nccbooking.limoexperienceitaly.com. In this case you can pay by credit card or PayPal
  • If the booking is made by telephone, it is possible to pay either in advance by credit card or PayPal via links we will send you in the email, by SMS or WhatsApp or in the car by credit card

Can I receive an invoice for the booked NCC service?

Of course, it is sufficient to indicate the billing data during the purchase phase.

Can I request your service for a transfer abroad?

Of course, you can also request our service to travel outside Italy.

Where will I meet the driver?

When booking, you will indicate the meeting place. You will be asked for this online if you book through the meeting place tool (indicating the exact location in ‘departure place’) or over the phone if you book by phone. At the agreed location our driver will be waiting for you with a sign with your name on it (e.g. if you are meeting at the airport) or he will phone you on the number given in the booking.

Where will I meet the driver at the airport?

The driver will be waiting for you in the airport arrivals hall.